Referencing his site

referencement.pngThe term "SEO" (in English for SEO Search Engine Optimization, optimization means the search engines) is the set of techniques for improving the visibility of a website, ie:

  • submission (soumission in French) of awareness of the site with search tools.
  • ranking (positionnement in French) consisting in positioning the pages of a site in a good position in the results pages for certain keywords.

The difficulty of the exercise lies not so much in promoting the site with search engines that the content structure and internal and external mesh to be well positioned in the results on previously selected keywords.

Indeed, a majority of Internet users use search engines to find information and questions as such a search engine using key words (mot-clés in French). It is therefore essential before any thing to worry about the content that is proposed in order to best meet the expectations of users, and to identify the keywords that can be seized by them!

Before talking about SEO, the first step is to ensure that the major search engines, especially Google (as it is the most used) identify the site and browse the regularly come.
To do this, there are online forms for submitting its website:


Google : submission is free and completely free, but requires a certain time, quite variable depending on the time.


SEO is not necessarily paying for the search engines index the content of free sites and it is not possible to pay to better position its site.

Type "free SEO for websites" in your favorite search engine, you will be spoiled for choice.

(source CommentCàMarche)