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Développez votre site internet, des outils au référencement.

Aide au développement de sites internet avec le CMS GuppY.

Legal mentions - by saxbar 04/07/2018 06:56 

Legal notice and privacy policy of Build your website

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of Act No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy (LCEN), these legal notices are brought to the attention of users and visitors to the site: Build your website.

The site Build your website is accessible at the following address:

Access to and use of Build your website is subject to the following legal notices and applicable laws and/or regulations.

The connection, access and use of this site imply full and unreserved acceptance of all the provisions of this legal notice.

This site is displayed with GuppY 5, a free CMS respecting good practices, security, privacy and protection of users' personal data.


In accordance with article 6 of the law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004 (LCEN), the identity of the participants within the framework of the realization of the site and its follow-up is brought to the attention of visitors :

The site Build your website is edited by Lud Bienaimé domiciled at Bonneville 80, Website Contact as site administrator and publication director.

The site is hosted by o2switch whose head office is at 222-224, Boulevard Gustave Flaubert - 63000 Clermont - Ferrand , +33 (0)4 44 44 60 40 ,

All Internet users who browse, read, view and use the site Build your website are considered users.

By using the site, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these conditions, they may be modified at any time and without notice. I cannot be held responsible in any way for any misuse of the service.


All content on this site, including, but not limited to, graphics, images, text, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and icons as well as their layout are under CeCILL license or under the original license for the scripts used.

Any reproduction of articles, news, posts, various documentation or posts on the Build your website forum must include a citation of the source with a direct link to the original.

For any request for authorization or information, please contact me through the Contact page of the site. Specific conditions are foreseen for the press.


In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of European Regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of user data shall respect the following principles :

  • Data may only be collected and processed with the consent of the user who owns the data.
  • The collection and processing of data is limited to the maximum for the display of the site, for comments, for messages on the forum, for processing members' preferences. Each member can modify, delete his preferences at any time.
  • The site editor undertakes to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected.

In accordance with the requirements of Article 6 of European Regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of personal data only takes place if the user has expressly consented to the processing.

The personal data collected on the site are:

  •  for visitors: nickname, IP address, email address after formal acceptance in a contact form, comments, forum,
  •  for members: username, IP address, email address after formal acceptance in the registration form with their treatment for saving preferences.

The hosting of the site data Build your website is provided by o2switch whose head office is at 222-224, Boulevard Gustave Flaubert - 63000 Clermont - Ferrand , +33 (0)4 44 44 60 40 ,

The data collected and processed by the site are exclusively hosted and processed in France.

The editor of Build your website ensures the processing and protection of data, he can be contacted through the Contact page of this site.

User rights and procedures for enforcing user rights

In accordance with the regulations, the user has the rights listed below, to grant his request, he is required to provide his full name and email address.

The publisher of the site is required to respond to the user within thirty days maximum.

  • Right of access, rectification and right to forget
    The user can read, update, modify or request the deletion of data concerning him by the Contact page of the site. If he has one, the user can delete his account by clicking on "My account" in the Preferences box, then by deleting his preferences.
  • Right to data portability
    The user can request the portability of personal data held by the site by making a request through the contact page of the site.
  • Right to limit and object to data processing
    The user has the right to oppose the processing of data by the site without the site can refuse.
  • Right to determine the fate of data after death
    Users are reminded that they can organise the fate of their data collected and processed if they die, in accordance with law n°2016-1321 of 7 October 2016.
  • Right to appeal to the competent supervisory authority
    If the site editor decides not to respond to the user's request, and if the user wishes to contest this decision, he has the right to refer the matter to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) - - or any competent judge.

Obligations of the data controller

The publisher of the site undertakes to protect the personal data collected, not to transmit them to third parties except in a judicial framework, to notify the user in the event of rectification or deletion of data.

On the site Build your website, the https protocol is used, an admin protection is set up, the update is applied to each release of a new version of GuppY for a better protection of personal data.

In the event that the integrity, confidentiality or security of the user's personal data is compromised, the controller undertakes to inform the user by any means.


The site uses "cookie" techniques to process statistics and traffic information, facilitate navigation and improve service for user convenience.

For the use of "cookie" files involving the saving and analysis of personal data, the consent of the user is necessarily required.

This user consent is considered valid for 365 days. At the end of this period, the site will again request the user's authorization to save "cookies" files on his hard disk.

1. Opposition of the user to the use of "cookies" files by the site

The user is informed that he can oppose the recording of these "cookies" by configuring his browser software.

In the event that the user decides to deactivate the "cookies" files, he/she may continue browsing the site. However, any dysfunction of the site caused by this manipulation could not be considered as being because of the editor of the site.

2. Description of "cookie" files used by the site

The site editor draws the user's attention to the fact that the following cookies are used when browsing:

  • for visitors: GuppYConnect5, GuppYCookie5, GuppYCrypt, GuppYScreen, their lifetime is the duration of the connection,
  • for connected members: GuppYConnect5, GuppYCookie5, GuppYCrypt, GuppYScreen, GuppYUser5, their lifespan is 365 days, unless you log out, in which case they will be deleted, upon reconnection they will be recreated.
  • for service users: GuppYPost5 (blog, forum, guestbook, news, recommendations, reactions to articles), GuppYPref5 (registration, connection, administration), GuppYContact5 (advanced contact), GuppYAdmPref5 (administration), GuppYConnect5 (connection, administration)

Since version 5.02.06 of GuppY, GuppYPref5, GuppYConnect5, GuppYCrypt, GuppYUser5 cookies are encrypted for content security, with the possibility of changing the encryption key for the site editor.

When browsing the site, the user is made aware that cookies files of third parties may be stored.

In addition, the site includes social networking buttons, allowing users to share their activity on the site. Cookies" files from these social networks may therefore be stored on the user's computer when using these features.

The user's attention is drawn to the fact that these sites have their own privacy policies, possibly different from those presented here.

The site editor invites users to consult the privacy and personal data management policies of these sites.


These Legal Notices are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute and failing an amicable agreement, the dispute will be brought before the French courts in accordance with the rules of jurisdiction in force.


For any report of illegal content or activities, the user may contact the publisher via the Contact page of this site or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt sent to the publisher at the address specified in these legal notices.

(04/07/2018 06:56)

(30/03/2016 17:24)

Maintain its website - by lud80 07/02/2016 15:29 

maintenance.pngMaintain its website is like take out insurance to guard against risks. Except that the insurer is you.

The first thing to do is a Backup your site. Although good web hosts make it a day and allow you to reinstall the backup.

Evolutionary maintenance

You must ensure that your website is updated with the latest developments, which guarantees durability.

As soon as an update is available, do not wait, it often contains security updates in addition to improvements of the code of some modules.
Your CMS Guppy is equipped with a function "Install" which ensures a correct replacement of the fixed modules and adjusting certain parameters.

Three types of elements are affected by updates:

  • modules
  • themes (skins)
  • plugins

Corrective maintenance

Be sure to remove items no longer needed. This could cause malfunctions.

Ensure the integrity of the database.

Delete blog posts, comments, topics and answers forum and guest book notes that contain unwanted dialogues. If you are not responsible for these statements, you are responsible for dissemination.
Your GuppY CMS allows validation of these posts by the site administrator.

In conclusion

A website is an investment. It is necessary to ensure its sustainability.

Daily monitoring is necessary to correct as soon as possible any issues that arose unexpectedly.

(07/02/2016 15:29)

Referencing his site - by lud80 07/02/2016 12:36 

referencement.pngThe term "SEO" (in English for SEO Search Engine Optimization, optimization means the search engines) is the set of techniques for improving the visibility of a website, ie:

  • submission (soumission in French) of awareness of the site with search tools.
  • ranking (positionnement in French) consisting in positioning the pages of a site in a good position in the results pages for certain keywords.

The difficulty of the exercise lies not so much in promoting the site with search engines that the content structure and internal and external mesh to be well positioned in the results on previously selected keywords.

Indeed, a majority of Internet users use search engines to find information and questions as such a search engine using key words (mot-clés in French). It is therefore essential before any thing to worry about the content that is proposed in order to best meet the expectations of users, and to identify the keywords that can be seized by them!

Before talking about SEO, the first step is to ensure that the major search engines, especially Google (as it is the most used) identify the site and browse the regularly come.
To do this, there are online forms for submitting its website:


Google : submission is free and completely free, but requires a certain time, quite variable depending on the time.


SEO is not necessarily paying for the search engines index the content of free sites and it is not possible to pay to better position its site.

Type "free SEO for websites" in your favorite search engine, you will be spoiled for choice.

(source CommentCàMarche)

(07/02/2016 12:36)

Create his hosting - by lud80 06/02/2016 15:19 

outils.png Host his site, what is it?

It's simply upload the site you have patiently built on your pc.
You must therefore use a web host.

What is a web host?

The host of your website is a company that rents or provides disk space for you to store your website. It is at your host that you will store your entire site.

Hosting families.

There are two families:

- mutualized hosting: you share the resources of a single server with several other customers
Advantages: low cost, quick to implement.
Disadvantages: if the site of another customer mobilizes server resources (bandwidth, CPU, memory) it will be done at the expense of other hosted sites.

- dedicated hosting: with dedicated hosting: an entire server is for you.
Advantages: large disk space, very fast, you do not respond to other customers.
Disadvantages: a little more expensive, requires more advanced knowledge.

The domain.

Having a hosting is not enough, it is still necessary that it can be visited. So you need a domain name.

The domain name is an address (URL) that you have chosen for your site. it is very important because it allows including make your site more easily.

How to get a hosting and a domain name?

You type 'web hosting' in your favorite search engine and you'll be spoiled for choice.

CAUTION: choose a reliable web host, known, that will offer you more quality service and a hotline in case of problems.

Different options are available, choose one that fits your needs.

For the domain name, quality web hosts offer to you, although it is possible to buy a domain name with a registar.

A domain name consists of two parts separated by a point, domain_name.extension. The extension is less important in the selection, .com, .net, .info, etc ...
As against the name must be the significant subject matter of your site.

Can we host his website for free?

Some hosts, in addition to their pay offer, provide free hosting with subdomain.

I highly advise against, they are for the most part limited in volume, especially in bandwidth, sometimes with other restrictions in PHP language features.

There are also web hosts that offer only free, enrollment is limited. You also have spaces of personal service providers (ISPs), the service quality is poor, often with limitations.

One last area: to host his site at home on a PC with Linux dedicated to this task, but there must have strong knowledge in this operating system, as well as safety knowledge.
Advantages: free, the service (one is never better served than by oneself).
The inconvenients: requirement to pass through the box from the ISP if the connection is broken or faulty PC, the site becomes inaccessible.

Transfer its site at the host.

After validation of your registration, your host will provide FTP credentials (file transfer protocol) address of the server (eg, a username and a password.

You will need an FTP software like Filezilla (do not look for others it is the best), in which you enter the login credentials.

The web host also provides guidance on the organization of your disk space. In general you have to place your site in the www folder, or public_html. Once connected, highlight all the files and folders on your local site and drag them into this folder on your space.

The host will also provide you a user and password to access the control panel, also called manager, where you will find a file transfer module. I do not advise it, often impractical, transfers to the server are in this case HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), so limited in speed.

(06/02/2016 15:19)

The tools to create and maintain your site - by lud80 05/02/2016 15:31 

outils.png You can create and build your online website directly, it's totally not recommended.
It is best to create locally, mainly if you are starting.


The first software to install is a local web server.
There are various more or less complete. The main Windows are EasyPhp and Wampserver. MacOS that will MAMP and Linux LAMP or XAMP.

When you ask your browser (such as Firefox, Edge, Chrome or Opera for example) to display a web page, it sends a request to the server with this page which sends.
EasyPhp and Wampserver behave exactly the same way except that they are directly on your machine. There's no information provided on the outside so you can test your site without even having a hosting or even internet access!
It is as if they were posted on the web!

It includes the following Apache, MySQL and PHP. This is what Wikipedia says about their operation:

The roles of these three components are:

  • Apache web server is the "frontal": it is "before" all the others and responds directly to the web client applications (browser) 
  • The PHP scripting language used logic and allows processing (calculations, verification, test, etc.)
  • MySQL to store all application data (database)

(Source : Wikipedia)


logo-wampserver.pngWampserver (See the installation tutorial HERE)

The Guppy CMS

The cms Guppy has the distinction of not possessing like MySQL relational database.

Since version 5.01.00 it is "responsive design" and "mobile friendly", ie it works on all devices, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

It includes an administration interface from which you can activate sercices like blog, news, FAQ, guestbook, links, forum, calendar, information letter and other things you'll find. Online help is in place, with the ability to integrate with your site.



Firefox is clearly the best browser for the development and navigation. Very secure, it offers the ability to add extensions, here are 3 essential.

Firebug an essential extension to scan all the code and identify potential problems

ColorZilla an extension with advanced color pipette, a generator of colors and other features

Web Developer an extension that integrates a set of code control tools

logo-firefox.pngMozilla Firefox


Under Windows, the notebook is not made for development. Install Notepad ++, this is the most comprehensive.



To transfer your files you will need an FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) to exchange files between your local PC and the remote server.

On Windows, there either no hesitation, FileZilla is the tool you need.



A website is nothing without some graphics. Without necessarily being a pro of the composition, you will probably need to do the editing, either on the overall design of the site or the photos you'll probably have to upload.

There are many software, more or less complete, more or less complex.

To stay in the field of free and/or open source software, our choice will be limited to these two titles:



(05/02/2016 15:31)

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